Swiffer gone Eco-Friendly!

Swiffer gone Eco-Friendly

Ditch the throw away Swiffer cloth wipes for something more economical and effective! I’ve seen a rise in Swiffer giveaways on Freecycle because people get tired of spending money on dry cloths. No need to throw out your Swiffer because there are now reusable alternatives! Save money, save the planet, and keep the convenience of this handy sweeper. I recently purchased a reusable Swiffer cloth from a WAHM made from Flannel, while it does work, they were $12 for a set of 3 (see picture).

Like always, I looked for a cheaper alternative. There really is no need to purchase premade reusable cloths when you can make your own! I had some microfiber cleaning cloths that I use for dusting and because of the “teeth” that are designed to grab cloth, they work perfectly with my Swiffer. These cloths originally came from the Dollar Tree and I have been known to use microfiber cloths at night for extra cloth diaper padding. If they will absorb in diapers, they will absorb any mess you may have on your floors. They work perfectly! While they aren’t as attractive as the purchased Swiffer cloths, they serve the purchase for a lot less money.

To create Swiffer wet cloths, simply wet the cloth with water and add some vinegar for cleaning power and shine. You can even add an essential oil for fragrance.

Total savings for switching to a microfiber cloth = $9. You will never have to buy refills again! Just toss them in the wash with other cleaning rags, unpaper papertowels, family cloth, etc.

Happy Sweeping!


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