DIY Carpet Cleaner

I’ve been using this formula for years to clean carpet stains. It will get out pet stains, juice stains, red wine stains, etc. A recent mishap with dye and our beige carpet made it a miracle worker! I want to share with other moms out there who don’t know of this wonderful homemade cleaner:

  • White vinegar (1 cup)
  • Hydrogen Peroxide (1/2 cup)
  • Water (1/4 cup)
  • A little squirt of dishwashing liquid

Put the ingredients in a spray bottle and shake. For darker stains or those that have set in to the carpet, soak the area and cover with a rag. For immediate spills, blot and wipe up the stain. For more pesky stains, let it soak for an hour or two or even overnight.

There’s no need to pay $3-4 on a fancy name brand cleaner when most, if not all, of these ingredients can be found in your home. If you have darker colored carpet, be sure to test this before leaving it on your carpet to be sure there will be no bleaching effect. The cleaner can be used around your home for pesky hard water stains and cleaning tiles, but we primarily use it as a carpet cleaner.  White vinegar is less harsh as a multipurpose cleaner.

Keep this in a safe place as it is harmful for small children who could potentially ingest it.


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I'm a Social Media Manager for a large home decor company who enjoys staying current in trends in both the fashion and home industries. I have a passion for writing, art journaling, expressive painting, and photography. My greatest loves are my two children.

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