Mixology: Make Up for the “Green” Girl

“Mixology is the healthy makeup alternative that will help improve the quality of your skin giving you a radiant look without damaging ingredients! Pure Mineral Makeup FREE of bismuth, chemicals, synthetic dyes, parabens, & preservatives. Vegan friendly, virtually water resistant, perfect for sensitive skin with acne or rosacea.”

Mixology is make up for the “Green” girl. As a mama with sensitive skin, I was excited to try this eye make up from Mixology. I had the pleasure of testing:

By Chance (A silver shadow)

Jet (A black shadow)

Six (A light shimmer)

The end result was beautiful. (See picture above) The shadows are loose and even the sample size will last a long time. It only takes a tiny bit to apply with brushes. I recommend that you use brushes rather than the spongey applicators not only because they are more economical and green, but because you get better results, every time.


I started by applying Six as the base. I then applied By Chance into the corners of the eye, in the crease, and on the eyelid. I went back with a wider brush to blend on the eyelid. I finished by using Jet as a liner. I personally prefer shadows as liner because the line is more soft and easier to apply. I use a fine, angled, liner brush for this and work the shadow down into the lash line. I topped it off with a staple – waterproof black mascara. I found the final look to be beautiful.

I loved the final outcome of the make up. The shadows were easy to apply on the lid and were lighter than what they appeared after applied. This was a great combination for a smoky eye and for a day-to-night look. I am especially fond of Six. It will be my new staple day-to-day wear. My must haves are typically mascara, face powder, and chapstick, but Mixology has a made a fan in me! Six will be a frequent day wearing shadow for outings with my little one.

The only problem I had, was applying Jet as a liner. It was so loose that even with water added to the brush, it didn’t stick. (See right) As a result, I ended up having to wash my face off and retouch face make up (which I apply first). Do NOT let this discourage you! Mixology does make a powdered liner for those who love a soft line as I do. Here’s a link to one such liner: http://www.mixologymakeup.com/artists/gallery/389/img/17194_a.jpg.

I hope to try this as well as some of her other fabulous products in the future!

This Mama rates Mixology an A+!

Visit her gallery of beauty here: http://www.mixologymakeup.com/gallery

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