Organic Fashion

Who ever thought that turning your wardrobe “green” wasn’t fashionable?
It is now!

Years ago Walmart was not known for high fashion wear. Now it’s one of the best – and cheapest alternatives for buying new, fashionable clothing for the whole family. Of course, the true Green lifestyle seeks to always reuse, upcycle, and buy secondhand to cut down on the waste that goes into producing thousands of articles of clothing each year. But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy a new piece every once in a while!

Last week I was browsing the aisles of Walmart and there was a rack in the center aisle with a $1 tag. I purchased two 100% organic cotton long sleeve shirts for $1.00 each! I couldn’t believe it! If you’ve never compared the feel of a cotton tee against an organic cotton tee, you should. Organic cotton is much softer and more eco-friendly.

Walmart’s “Every Day low prices” allow you to purchase Organic cotton tees in a wide variety or styles, colors, patterns, and sizes for just $4.00 each. The price of a shirt at our local Goodwill is $3.39 and I rarely find organic options. 100% organic cotton shorts are just $4.50.

For you little one, they offer these charming sets:

You get a tee, shorts, and a onesie for just $5.00. Again, they come in a variety of color choices for boys and girls. There are several other options for the family but these are just a few from the Faded Glory line of Organics. There’s no excuse not to make “Green” a part of your style.

The choices are phenomenal with this powerhouse corporation. I am not a Walmart lover by any means, but I have to commend them for making “Green” clothing affordable.


About palaciosamantha
I'm a Social Media Manager for a large home decor company who enjoys staying current in trends in both the fashion and home industries. I have a passion for writing, art journaling, expressive painting, and photography. My greatest loves are my two children.

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