What to Expect – 4th Edition

Most moms are familiar with the amazing line of Pregnancy, First Year, and Toddler Years books by What to Expect When You’re Expecting. If you’ve ever been to a baby shower or had a child of your own you most likely received at least one copy of this must read bestseller. What you may not know is that What to Expect has come out with an all new 4th Edition to their bestseller: What to Expect When You’re Expecting. This was my go-to book during our pregnancy for week by week looks at estimated growth and fetal development. This is a MUST READ for the expecting mom in your life! The third edition also offered some nutritional advice, tips for how to handle common ailments such as back pain, swelling, and morning sickness. Some of the updates and new additions include:

  • Detailed week-by-week fetal development section in each of the monthly chapters
  • Practical advice for pregnant women on the job
  • Expanded chapter on pre-conception
  • Much more on surviving pregnancy’s emotional ups and downs
  • Brand-new section on having a safe and pampered pregnancy

The latest information, a friendlier-than-ever voice, a new look — it’s a brand-new, cover-to-cover revision of What to Expect When You’re Expecting—the book that’s been a New York Times bestseller for 351 weeks and counting, and is read by over 90 percent of pregnant women who read a pregnancy book. More comprehensive, reassuring, and empathetic than ever, the fourth edition covers everything an expectant mom (and dad) needs to know, from preparing for pregnancy to birth to those first miraculous (and exhausting) weeks with a new baby. It is overflowing with tips, helpful hints, and humor, making it even more accessible and easier to use than ever before.

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