I’ve been noticing that a lot of mamas use Borax in different “natual” recipes on one of the websites that I frequent.I have only ever known it to be used for the purposes of pest control so I was very perplexed at the thought of using it as a cleaner or anything else. I wanted to share some things with other Mamas who are curious or may not know:

Here’s the link to 20 Mule Team’s Material Safety Data Sheet:


Green Footsteps also posts this information:

This is the most crucial borax information – and yet reports about borax safety give a rather mixed message. Here’s what I’ve gleaned about borax safety.

Borax needs to be stored carefully because it is toxic if ingested. While this may be unlikely to happen, even by accident, anyone using it should be aware because of the dangers of very young children playing with it.

Even as little as a teaspoonful could prove fatal if swallowed by a young child. For this reason, be very careful if using it anywhere near food and wipe up spills immediately. (See below for safety advice when using borax.)

There is a slight hazard of contamination through skin contact. It may cause irritation and redness from prolonged contact. If you have any cuts or abrasions on your hands you should use rubber gloves when handling it or using it in solution.

As it comes in a stable, crystalline powder there’s very little danger of inhalation. However, if you use it as a fine powder you should protect yourself against inhalation and wear safety goggles.

I feel very hesitent to use anything that comes with the warning that is fatal when ingested or that can kill animals as well around my son. I personally prefer nontoxic products. I think there are much more “natural” methods out there. Any thoughts anyone?

Feel free to leave comments with tips, hints, suggested uses, and reasons you may or may not use Borax.


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  1. Cami Court says:

    i have been using it in my detergent for a year now.. nowhere else. i think the main thing is to keep it in a place away from children.

    if you also look up facts about borax use.. people have used it for years as a laundry booster.

    as for other uses.. yeah.. i’d DEFINITELY be careful.

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