The Freshaire Choice

As you know, we have recently moved and are renovating our home. It was im[portant to me with our Five Month old that all the painting be done with an eco-friendly, low odor paint. I was fortunate enough to receive a fan deck of colors from the Freshaire Choice. The colors, though soft and earth toned, were perfect. With wonderful assistance from Home Depot, I purchased several colors of this paint to do the rooms of our home.

Smooth Driftwood and Canyon Pebble were the chosen colors for the Living Room. The paint was true in saying that it is low odor. There is no overpowering paint smell to leave you with a headache. I will say, that regardless of color used, we did have to do two coats of paint for each room even with a white base. I am overall VERY PLEASED with the outcome and would recommend this paint to anyone!

See details from their website below:

The Freshaire Choice paint contains no volatile organic compounds — commonly known as VOCs — harmful chemicals that contribute to poor air quality. Although other paints may claim to have no VOCs, what they don’t tell you is that these chemicals are put back into the paint once the color is added.

Our paint leads the industry with an innovative, eco-friendly solution that contains no VOCs in the colorant — the exclusive, pre-measured ColorFresh™ color delivery system.

Now you can choose from 66 gorgeous colors and feel better knowing that the cleaner air inside your home is good for your family because our paint is certified by the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute, a well respected industry-independent, non-profit organization that establishes acceptable indoor air standards for indoor products.

Be sure to check them out on the web:


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