Earth Divas: Fashionable and Fair Trade

I am so excited to share Earth Divas with you all. These beautiful handbags are eco-friendly, affordable, and are fair trade made.

Earth Divas products are handmade, natural fiber, fair trade accessories made by women for women from around the world. We currently have items from Nepal and are adding jewelry from Columbia and hemp bags from Thailand. We hope that by next year we can offer products from several other countries.

Our natural fiber, handmade accessories from Kathmandu, Nepal are made by working women’s co-ops and small woman-owned cottage industry producers. We work directly with the people that make these items. We help them source supplies like zippers, rings and buckles, and provide feedback on designs and offer suggestions to improve quality. We work directly with and pay the people that make the items, we don’t work through a middleman, which is fairly common. In Nepal, the hemp fabric that we use is from the remote Western Region of Nepal. It grows wild in the lower Himalayan Mountain regions. It is not cultivated or farmed as in all other countries. The villagers in this remote area cut the hemp down by hand and soften the hemp in water. Other larger processing countries use chemicals and softeners to get a consistent, smooth, refined finish. Nepali hemp is a bit rougher and uneven and has some color variations. The stalk of the hemp plant is then brushed into a wool like material and then spun by hand into a strand of twine. The twine is then woven by hand on a pit loom into a piece of fabric that is 1 meter by 3 meters long. The fabric is carted down the mountains on foot and to the nearest road where it is brought into Kathmandu. In Kathmandu, the craftswomen buy the fabric and make the unique and beautiful creations that we offer.

All of their artisans are paid 30% more than their local wage rates, and almost all are women with very limited employment options. We also help pay for training (like learning the sewing machine) that will help keep them employable for the rest of their life. Their goal is to grow sales so we can continue to provide stable, livable income for more women. Also, all of their profits are sent back to the artisans at the end of the year in the form of a bonus check. This money allows these women to feed their families more and higher quality food, send their kids to school, etc.

I received this beautiful handbag to review. This hobo is trendy and modern but still all of the qualities you’re looking for in a green product. It’s soft and flexible hemp with plenty of pockets for all your accessories. It’s not bulky and huge yet it carries all my necessary items! I am currently carrying:

A full size wallet (checkbook size), a day planner (the full size, ring binder style by Franklin Covey), an additional checkbook, keys, cell phone, chapstick, pens, a paci, small toy, inhaler, and several other small items. I still have room to spare! I chose the earthy brown tones because I wear a lot of browns and earth toned colors. I LOVE it!

Earth Divas handbags can be found online at or in whole foods stores.





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  1. Patricia says:

    Hello, thanks for spreading the word on fair trade. Also consider fair trade and eco jewelry as your fashion accessories. Another fair trade jewelry / accessory store is – fair trade and artisan jewelry from around the world. Free shipping with prices starting at just $20.

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