Joey Junior Giveaway

The Joey Junior Original Purse Organizer measures 5″ x 26″ to fit any standard or over-size handbag or carry-all and stands upright to make changing handbags easier and keep items visible and accessible.
Our Purse Organizer’s sturdier construction and Velcro fasteners, as shown at left, keep the Organizer upright, which makes changing handbags much easier and also helps to maintain your handbag’s shape.
Simply slip items into the pockets of the Organizer, as shown at left and below, and insert it into any handbag or carry-all. The Velcro fasteners are for your convenience; you can use them to adjust the Organizer for a more careful fit or to stand it upright outside your handbag, or you can leave them unfastened. The Organizer will still stand upright, inside or outside your bag. To change handbags, just lift the fully loaded Purse Organizer out of one handbag and place it in another.
Six pockets will hold cosmetics, eyeglasses, cell phone, iPhone or Blackberry, and other needed items. We’ve even designed a special pocket for business cards, and a handy key clip and tether. And the soft fabrics protect eyewear against scratches.
I have been very fortunate to receive an Original Joey Junior purse organizer to test. This handy tool held A checkbook, a small notebook, a pen, a pack of gum, my cell, my keys, and all wrapped around my full size wallet. My only disappointment was that my day planner wouldn’t fit with this in my purse. My Earth Divas hobo is small is size though. The solution? The Joey Junior Mini Organizer!


Joey Junior’s Mini Purse Organizer is specially designed for smaller bags and clutches (measures 4.25″ x 7.5″). The Mini also stands upright to make changing handbags easier and to keep everything visible and accessible. Four roomy pockets will hold cosmetics, a cell phone or handheld device, such as a Blackberry, and other items. We’ve included a handy key clip and tether to secure your keys. Soft fabrics protect eyewear against scratches.


I was able to fit everything I had in the original organizer in the Mini Organizer (without room to spare) and luckily fit my full size wallet, day planner, and small toy as well! Yay! I can never seem to find my checkbook when I need it and now I can just reach down in my purse and pull things out. I will also never be caught without a pen. What a wonderful invention!

Joey Junior is giving ONE LUCKY READER a chance to WIN their choice of Purse Organizer!



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