Next to Breastmilk

If you’re formula feeding, you may find it challenging to find Organic formulas in your local grocery stores. Rest assured, there are options out there! 

Nature’s One® is a privately held company founded in 1997 and based in Columbus, Ohio. The company is a pioneer in the organic medical nutrition category introducing the first organic baby formula to the United States in 1999 under the brand Baby’s Only Organic®.

From the beginning, Nature’s One® has heavily invested in research and development to offer the very best in organic and nutritional science. Today most of Nature’s One® organic medical nutritionals remain the first and only in their product categories. These products are sold nationwide and internationally through a wide range of retail outlets and medical suppliers.

Celebrating over a decade of innovation, Nature’s One® continues to search for ways to improve its brands and discover new organic medical foods to meet the growing needs of concerned consumers.

Nature’s One  representatives were gracious enough to allow me to review several of their products. Breast milk is the best organic choice. Baby’s Only Organic® is labeled a toddler formula to promote breast milk as the best first option. Following breast milk, parents can continue providing organic nutrition using Baby’s Only Organic® formula. For a baby less than 12-months, use as directed by a healthcare professional. You can view their complete Dairy Nutritional Comparison  Chart  to see how it stacks up against other leading brands. Baby’s Only Organic Formula can be used in place of cow’s milk or goat’s milk for reassurance that your little one is getting the nutrients he/she needs.  It is offered in Dairy, Lactose Free, and Soy formulas. At $9.92 per can, it is less expensive than leading brands though I found that the scoop size is actually a little larger than regular formula scoopers. They offer a price match guarantee with any direct internet retailer.

The makers advertise that PediaSmart  is the only complete nutrition beverage that does not contain ingredients derived from corn. It also does not contain lactose, gluten, palm or palm olein ol and hexane processed DHA. You can breathe a sigh of relief that your little one is getting the best in organic and all natural ingredients with their beverage. If you have a picky eater between the ages of 1 and 13, Pedia Smart is a great option to ensure that they’re getting the nutrition they need even when they aren’t eating all the necessary fruits and vegetables each day. Though offered in yummy vanilla and chocalate flavors, Pedia Smart contains no artificial sweetners.

PediaVance® Electrolyte is scientifically formulated to treat dehydration just like the leading brands; however, PediaVance® is the only electrolyte solution made with organic ingredients. This means parents can avoid giving their children artificial sweeteners, colors and flavors while treating the effects of their child’s illness. PediaVance® special formulation is made with natural grape and apple flavors and contains organic white grape juice, which is a well tolerated juice for children recovering from diarrhea. The taste is surprisingly not as dull as that of it’s competitor pedialyte and I personally feel much bettter about serving my little one organic ingredients. The best part? Nature’s One products are extremely reasonable in price so that the majority of moms don’t have to choose cost over quality. So many organic products are priced almost twice as much as less healthy options making it hard for parents to choose organic. Now they don’t have to think twice! Two thumbs up Nature’s One!

I received these products free of charge and all opinions expressed are my own.


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