Coupon Crazy

Would you throw away a $1.00? No! Throwing away money seems like such a crazy idea, but ponder this… Every time you discard a coupon or leave it behind, you are throwing away money that you could be saving! Coupons = MONEY! Clipping coupons is the easy part. Keeping up with them and finding the one you need when you reach the checkout line is the hard part. Amy Bergin has made it a breeze with The Couponizer!

The Couponizer® is a complete set of tools designed to make saving money easy. It is made up of 18 category pockets for grocery coupons and other coupon and discount category pockets.

You can sort all your coupons into categories such as meats, beverages, baking supplies, and pets. No more fumbling through coupons! The Couponizer is designed with plastic sleeves for those customer loyalty cards. Don’t overlook these! These will offer you deals that when coupled with coupons, can save you bundles. The Couponizer also comes with a shopping list and CoupTracker to track the amount you’ve saved on each trip with your coupons.

Clip & Organize in one step! The CoupStacker makes organizing coupons fast and easy. Just clip a coupon and lay it down on the category it belongs. Then after clipping, the coupons are easily transfered to the pockets in the Couponizer booklet. The categories on the CoupStacker correspond in exact order and color with the Couponizer category pockets.

Scissors are included for clipping coupons anywhere and all fits in the handy carrying bag. Drop it in your purse or your reusable grocery bag for guaranteed savings!

I was so grateful to receive The Couponizer! My original means of housing coupons was, albeit, effective, but awkward in tote and still left me hunting for coupons on every aisle of the grocery store! See the before and after below:

My good friend at Mommie Ventures taught me about the binder method. You add trading card sleeves and dividers to a binder to house coupons. The dividers were labelled by grocery aisle and there was a table of contents in the front. It was an inexpensive option, but still time consuming and difficult to tote.

The after:

The Couponizer system has everything I need in one clear carrying case. I slipped it into my reusable bag stash for grab and go! I’m in organizer heaven! There is a pocket meant to corral all the coupons I intend to use on my trip based on what’s listed on my grocery list. No more guessing! As I find the item on the grocery store shelves, I switch them to the adjacent pocket to be handed to the cashier at checkout. It’s so convenient!

Thank you, Amy, for making my life easier!

Visit The Couponizer and start saving the organized way! This is certainly a worthwhile, inexpensive investment!

I received this product free of charge and all opinions expressed are my own.


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