Everyday Minerals: Everyday wear for the Green Mom

Everyday Minerals  products are free of nanotechnology, carmine, dimethicone, fragrance, animal by products, bismuth oxychloride, silicone and lake dyes. They are a vegan line, offering high quality mineral makeup at a price affordable to all women.
I was so fortunate to receive some samples of Everyday Minerals and I immediately put it to the test. Being a mom on the go constantly, it’s important for my beauty routine to be easy but still achieve great results. I have to admit that I have very little experience with bronzer for this very reason. I have always thought that bronzer was difficult to apply without it being obvious that you’re wearing it and I don’t like make up that is too obvious. I was pleasantly surprised. Check out my photos:
I received Soft Bronzer, Come What May, In the Garden, and Ginger Peach.

It takes very little to go a long way!


I did start with a powder base


(I am additionally wearing mascara, powder, and lip gloss that are not Everyday Minerals.)

As an added incentive, Everyday Minerals has a program called Beauty Perks. Who doesn’t like to save every day? Beauty Perks requires no membership fees or special codes. When you order 5-11 full size products, you will receive 25% off at checkout. Purchase 12 or more products and receive 45% off.
As if that isn’t enough, visit their site for free samples! 

1)   Being healthy. That means taking care of my skin by using all-natural products that are actually good for it! That’s why Carina started this mineral
makeup company.
2)   Saving money. I am not going to pay 25-40 bucks on foundation. Period.
Our products are ridiculously inexpensive.  That’s also why Carina started this
mineral makeup company. Women shouldn¹t have to pay a premium for
looking stunning.
3)   Thinking globally in everyday actions. As a woman and mother with
a daughter, women’s issues are very important to me. At Everyday
Minerals, we believe that women’s issues are the moral battleground of
this century. As such, we recently launched our Everyday Forward
mission, in which all proceeds from a designated product go to a
selected woman’s charity, such as Kiva.org, Womenforwomen.org,
Care.org, and Globalliving.org. One day every woman in the world will
be given the love, dignity, and appreciation they deserve to fulfill
their gifts and dreams.


I am so pleased with the results! My husband came home and wanted to know what I was so dressed up for. He thought it looked great which was a great compliment. Overall, I give Everyday Minerals, an A++! I found the bronzer to be extremely easy to apply and it gave me a glow without making it look like I was actually wearing it. My favorite part was the blush. I have never worn mineral blush, but it gave me a much prettier glow than my usual pressed powder. I am so pleased with it! The eye colors made my blue eyes pop. I didn’t doctor the photos shown and I couldn’t believe how clear they looked in the after shots. I would recommend this line to any woman! It’s affordable, easy to wear, and creates such a beautiful look! The fact that it’s vegan, makes it irresistable.
I received these products at no charge and all opinions expressed are my own.

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I'm a Social Media Manager for a large home decor company who enjoys staying current in trends in both the fashion and home industries. I have a passion for writing, art journaling, expressive painting, and photography. My greatest loves are my two children.

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