Sisteria Designs

Sisteria’s  one-of-a-kind pendants are made from reclaimed Scrabble and domino game pieces, transformed into distinctive pieces of art jewelry using fine Japanese papers. They are two sisters who share a passion for making beautiful, “upcycled,” jewelry for you to enjoy.

They have found there is a pendant to match everyone’s personality – from best friends to grandmothers to teenage nieces, making this a beautiful gift for yourself or for a loved one. They offer a wide selection of totally unique and eye-catching colorful designs to match any outfit.  I love the beautiful pieces I received! It’s hard to believe that these were once a domino or scrabble game pieces. It makes a great conversation piece!

If you’re wondering how they transform these ordinary game pieces into beautiful jewelry, the sisters answer your questions here:

“We use Japanese chiyogami paper, also known as yuzen or washi, which is a type of hand-silk screened mulberry paper. These papers are often embellished with gold and consist of repeated patterns based on traditional designs, including flowers, plants, butterflies, birds or geometric patterns. ” 
Their pendants are designed and handmade from repurposed materials by a small, community-friendly business, so you can feel good about your purchase.

Sisteria is offered in several different retailers up North as well as online. If you’re lucky enough to live in the listed areas, you can even have Sisteria in your home! Sisteria offers Pendant Parties in which you can view over 250 unique pendants  with your family and friends. Do you have an old Scrabble game and don’t know what to do with it? Don’t put it in a landfill! Contact Sisteria for shipping details and receive a FREE piece of jewelry in return. They will also do custom orders.

Some of their designs:

Here I am wearing a Scrabble tile:

Then a Domino piece:

Aren’t they beautiful?! I received several compliments on them! People couldn’t believe that these were once game pieces. If you want to design your own, click here to get yours now! If you want to WIN your very own piece by Sisteria, stay tuned to Journey to “Green” for an upcoming giveaway!

Thank you to Sisteria for allowing me to review these pieces!

I received these products free of charge and all opinions expressed are my own.


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    Great post all around, added your XML feed! Love this theme, too!

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