Bungalow BeBe

Bungalow BeBe’s “green” clothing is as gentle on the environment as it is on your baby’s skin. At Bungalow BeBe, they understand that looking after our children does not stop with producing the safest all-natural baby clothing. They have also designed their clothing to be environmentally friendly in order to do their little part to ensure that our children, and their children after them, enjoy all of the beauty and wonder that our planet has to offer.

Bungalow BeBe offers organic clothing from 0-24 months so your little one can enjoy stylish, comfortable clothing for the first couple of years. Their clothing runs true to size which is reassuring for parents that clothing will fit when ordering. Their prices are ranging from 18.99 – 35.99 for classic urban style. The quality of the clothing will insure long-lasting wear. When I received his outfit, I immediately threw it in the wash. Unfortunately, I had left the dial turned to hot water after washing a load of diapers, and was panicked when the washing machine cut off. To my great surprise, I found that not only the clothing not shrunk, but the coloring was still perfect. The cotton was also still really soft even without the use of fabric softener. I have been very pleased with the quality of the fabric. Another thing that I love about this particular set is that it’s versatile. With the buttons, B can wear the top alone and over a onesie or t-shirt. The solid colors make the pieces easy to coordinate with other pieces as well. The Bungalow BeBe line has several pieces that can be interchanged.

The clothing at Bungalow BeBe has developed from the desire to keep my kids safe with all natural baby clothing and to do it with style. The harsh reality of our world is that there are many harmful chemicals and substances in our every day lives that we aren’t even aware of. I hope to control at least one very important part of our lives by creating and using organic clothes for baby. With the sensitive skin and vulnerable bodies our children have, they need all the protection we can provide. Natural baby clothes still need to be comfortable, durable, affordable, and stylish. Dressing up our children in eye-catching outfits is part of the joy of parenting. The patterns and colors in our selections look great on the children but resist wear and tear by using high quality manufacturing. The materials and stitching are strong and made to last longer than it takes your child to grow out of the clothing.

Some of their fabulous finds are below:

Isn’t the dress adorable?

Keep your eyes peeled on the line for more fabulous finds coming soon!


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