A Spa-like Retreat

I’m really excited about our master bath makeover. Right now it is just a white canvas in need of some tlc. I’ve been working diligently on every other room in the house but saving the bathrooms and laundry room for last. Some amazing eco-friendly products have put a new spin on what I want to see happen with our master bath. Three things have inspired my new spa-like retreat: a 25 cent glass from the thrift store, an Organic Pebble Mat, and Schimmel Art.

Organic Pebble Mats are great front door fixtures, pet stations for sopping up Fido’s water, or in the bathroom for a spa retreat. Organic Pebble Mats come in several different designs and they do take custom orders. The mat size is 18″x27″ and is easy to take care of. When the stones get wet, they dry in just minutes. Be careful to not bend or roll your mat in order to preserve its shape.   

I put my mine in our bathroom for a relaxing spa feel when I step otu of the shower. The pebbles are used in a process called reflexology. Stimulation of reflexes on the soles of the feet is said to produce a variety of health-related benefits such as, relaxation, gets your stress away, reduces the blood pressure and improves overall well being. Walking barefoot on natural stones is a form of self-reflexology and can stimulate these reflexes on the feet, so after walking barefoot on the stones, make people’s feet  happy and relaxed. I definitely agree! On days when my feet are tired and achey, these is such a great solution. I just step out and let the stones massage my soles. It also soaks up the water while I’m drying off without leaving the floor wet and sticky. I prefer it to the cotton bath mats that could cause a person to slip and fall.

I’ve reached the jumping off point in making our tiny bathroom feel relaxing and spa-like. Stay tuned to see what colors will be introduced and how it all ties together. For a little information on how the pebble stone forms, I pulled this information from their website:

The pebble stone forms as a result of pieces of stone. Each pebble stone comes to us today taking a long term of rolling into rivers and streams in different ways, scraping against the other stones and getting corrosion by the power of water over a time period of hundreds or thousands of years taking, in this process, a round and flat form.

To get your own or view more information about the Organic Pebble Mat, visit them at their website!

I received this product free of charge and all opinions expressed are my own.


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I'm a Social Media Manager for a large home decor company who enjoys staying current in trends in both the fashion and home industries. I have a passion for writing, art journaling, expressive painting, and photography. My greatest loves are my two children.

4 Responses to A Spa-like Retreat

  1. Tanya Brinks says:

    I love the mat! What a great idea. Does it slide around or is it on a non-stick pad?

  2. tanyatyler says:

    Thanks. I checked out their site…cute stuff! Perfect for gifts. Thanks for sharing.

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