Bottles into Bags

If you have not leaped at the reusable bag craze, now is the time. There are a huge selection of styles and options to fit everyone’s needs. Help keep plastic grocery bags out of our landfills and the pollution of the manufacturing process out of the environment!

One such company that is taking great strides to change the way we use plastic is Bottles into Bags. Their mission is to create premium quality products made from high PCR content. PCR material has been recovered or recycled after it has already been used by the consumer. PCR is then reprocessed to create something new. This targeted re-use of the material minimizes the amount of packaging buried in our landfills and at the same time reduces our dependence on fossil fuel. Bottles into Bags creates reusable bags out of this durable PET resin. They have a plastic, rubbery feel and are very durable. Though they are lacking in style, they are durable and definitely functional. I received the basic tote to try and when loaded down with a laptop and a couple of binders it held its weight. It confidently carried 2 two liters home from the grocery store.

I particularly love this option:

It’s your basic reusable tote, but it features outside pockets for other items that may need to be kept separate from the inward groceries such as cleaning supplies. If you’re carrying meats, you can carry dressings in the outward pockets, etc. I could even see using this as a diaper bag on a day trip! The bottles pockets will obviously hold bottles seperately and you have a side pocket for storing your wallet, phone, etc. I love that idea!

They also offer a convenient insulated tote for refrigerated and frozen items. You can visit them here for more information.

I received this product free or charge and all opinions expressed are my own.


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