Composting 101

What is compost?

Compost is decomposed organic material. The organic material can be plant material or animal matter. While composting may seem mysterious or complicated, it’s really a very simple and natural process that continuously occurs in nature, often without any assistance from mankind. If you’ve ever walked in the woods, you’ve experienced compost in its most natural setting. Both living plants and annual plants that die at the end of the season are consumed by animals of all sizes, from larger mammals, birds, and rodents to worms, insects, and microscopic organisms. (

The result of compost is rich, usually soft, sweet-smelling soil. Compost is the richest nutrients you can provide to a garden or flower bed. I was growing blueberry bushes at our old home because I love blueberries. Now that we actually have a yard, I’ll be able to transplant them from large plantars to my flower bed. The flower bed is a work in progress. When we first viewed the house there were beautiful lillies everywhere. Now it is a canvas of weeds, grass, and unrecognizable plants after being mowed down by a lawn service. I wanted to try composting to help rebuild this section and get a start at growing my own vegetables. I contacted the great representatives at Biobag  and they sent me their composting system. Their MaxAir bucket is made of 100% recycled materials.

Kitchen food waste can build up bacterial odor quickly when collected in a solid plastic or ceramic pail. The reason is food waste creates heat and moisture that can not escape when placed in these closed containers. Many modern collection pails contain charcoal filters or other devices to help mask the odor, but do little to slow the “rotting process”. Pictured below is five days after food has been added. Still NO SMELL and slow decomposing.

Biobag is the world’s largest brand of 100% biodegradable and certified compostable bags and films made from the material, Mater-Bi. All of our products contain GMO free starch, biodegradable polymer and other renewable resources.

I keep the MaxAir system on my countertop when cooking and preparing foods for easy access. It’s noticeably cut down on the amount of trash waste in our home. It also has cut down on the icky smell coming from the trashcan when there’s food waste in it. The MaxAir surprisingly doesn’t smell bad and its small size makes for convenient emptying. The system is an amazing buy. It’s very inexpensive ($19.99 for 2) in comparison to much larger and messier versions of composting containers and it’s so much more convenient! The biodegradable bags are comparable to typical grocery bags (less than $4 for 25 bags) and can be easily ordered from several websites such as Amazon.

If you’re a gardener or just interested in cutting back on the amount of wasted food products, look into composting. It’s really an amazing way to enrich your garden and give back to the environment. Stay tuned to Journey to “Green” to watch my experience with gardening, home improvement, and composting.

I received these products free of charge and all opinions expressed are my own.


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