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I love jewelry, but now that I’m a mom, I don’t get to wear a lot of fashionable pieces. The trendy, cheap pieces that you can pick up at any Charlotte Russe or Claire’s are made of metals that are toxic to ingest and I have an allergy to the nickel used as well. Brayden puts everything in his mouth now, so if it’s not an eco-friendly piece or something in silver or gold, I have to be very cautious when wearing it. I saw Nuna  and was intrigued by the bright colors. Being made from tagua nuts was an added bonus. I felt comfortable that if Brayden were playing with it or putting it in his mouth, he isn’t ingesting toxic metals.

Their creations are inspired by the idea that women can be fashionable by wearing eco friendly jewelry, while protecting our environment, creating a greener planet, and to encourage social consciousness. Every piece is created to exhibit the inner beauty and style of all who share their passion for the environment and social responsibility.

Pictured above is the Camilia Tagua, a wrap bracelet made from tagua nuts. It’s fun and brightly colored with a star charm that fits my personality perfectly. I don’t own anything like it and was very excited to try my first wrap bracelet. The only problem is going to be keeping Brayden’s hand off of it. He immediately reached for it and figured out how to unwrap it.

What is Tagua?

Tagua is often referred to as vegetable ivory, or The Rain Forest Ivory. A Tagua nut is the fruit of a palm tree, which flourishes in tropical rain forests such as Colombia, Ecuador and Panama. Tagua nuts are considered an ecologically safe, supportive and friendly product. Tagua products are experiencing a comeback due to the efforts to protect endangered species such as whales and elephants, which are the traditional source for ivory. In one year, a Tagua palm produces the same amount of “ivory” as a female elephant. The harvest of Tagua is a wonderful way to protect endangered rainforest lands giving people a sustainable, renewable, natural resource that provides economic stability and an alternative to rainforest destruction. Please allow natural inperfections in our handmade pieces since Tagua is a natural seed and each piece is unique and different from each other,please keep in mind that colors will vary slightly from monitor to monitor.

Every piece of Nuna  jewelry is composed and handmade from organic and natural materials from around the world like colorful and exotic seeds, tagua seeds known as the vegetable ivory, tayrona stones, acai seeds, iraka, huayruro, recyclable wood, capim dourado to name a few. Not a single piece is alike, every piece is completely unique.

Nuna  features two collections: Tagua and Eco-Gold. The Eco-Gold is a gold color plant that shines and looks just like gold. It’s harvest time is from September to beginning of November. It is named grass , however it is a plant that consist of leaf rosette that is next to the ground and it has about 4cm of diameter. The plant has a delicate foliage of natural golden coloration. NUNA is dedicated to creating jewelry with unique, natural, and organic materials.

I also graciously received the Nuna Fiore. This necklace is so unique! Not only is it a necklace, but because of the adjustable closure, it can be worn as a headband AND a wrap bracelet! It can be worn as a choker or a long necklace. I loved it paired with my hand-dyed top. I haven’t tried it as a headband yet, but I did sport is as a wrap bracelet and it worked out great. It’s been mom and baby approved!

I received these products free of charge and all opinions expressed are my own.


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I'm a Social Media Manager for a large home decor company who enjoys staying current in trends in both the fashion and home industries. I have a passion for writing, art journaling, expressive painting, and photography. My greatest loves are my two children.

2 Responses to Nuna Collection

  1. Cami Court says:

    how can i get my hands on these?! BEAUTIFUL

  2. They are incredible, aren’t they!?! Their button is at the bottom of this page or you can click on the links in the post to take you to each of the pieces and to the website. They’ve got some really great other pieces. It was hard to choose! The bracelet is my absolute favorite though. I love it!

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