Green your Business

Going green isn’t just for the average consumer! If you’re a business owner, you probably do some form of advertising and/or promotions. At some point, you may have even considered promotional products such as pens, notepads, bags, t-shirts, etc. Ethix Merch is bringing eco-friendly promotional merchandise to business owners all over the U.S. Ethix Merch is your source for custom-printed merchandise, made with respect for people and the planet.

In addition to helping you navigate the vast array of available merchandise and simplifying the ordering and imprinting process, Ethix Merch aspires to be your trusted ambassador to the world of ethical commerce – to help you protect your organization’s bottom line without sacrificing its heart and soul.

These frisbees were made and printed with union labor in the Bronx, NY.  We also consider the life cycle of our products along with the labor standards, so they are also made with recycled plastic and a biodegradability ingredient. – Aria, Ethix Merch

I was fortunate to receive and review one of Ethix Merch’s frisbees. It was not your run-of-the-mill flimsy frisbee. It was sturdy, strong, and held up against the ultimate tester:

I took this goodie out of its package, and it didn’t stand a chance. Charlee saw it as her new toy. Fortunately, it’s been durable enough that she hasn’t been able to any real damage to it! It is proving to be a great backyard toy!

To see some more of Ethix Merch’s options, view some of the photos below:

(Organic twill hats)

USA made promotional pens:

A biodegradable recycle stand made from jute… A personal favorite:

This Kid’s friendly canvas tote is fantastic:

The perfect way to carry a laptop:

My only complaint? That I can’t order these for myself! If you are a business owner, there are so many fabulous options at Ethix Merch. Before you make that next purchase of keychains, check out their recycled soda bottle lanyards. Change the world one promotional item at a time.

One more way you can help make a difference is by spreading the word! Ethix Merch is offering A FREE FRISBEE to everyone who helps spread the word!


Click on the above link(s) to find out more information about how to get your FREE FRISBEE! It’s as simple as emailing a few friends and helping them spread the word about eco-friendly products.

Keep up with Journey to “Green” for even more ways about how you can make a difference.

I received this product free of charge and all opinions expressed are my own.


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