Solidarity eXchange!

Today I’m going to do something a little different. This will be my first company review, instead of actual product review. Going green is about more than just changing the products you use in your own lives, it’s about changing the environment and changing the world… 

Have you ever given thought to how those sneakers you are wearing were produced? Have you thought about the conditions of the factories or the people who assemble them. Solidarity eXchange has! Solidarity eXchange is a national sales organization comprised of activists in the sweatfree, labor, buy local, fair trade, and environmental movements. Our members earn money by creating demand for ethically-produced, custom designed, and embellished merchandise, including apparel, stickers, mugs, and a variety of other goods.Solidarity eXchange is working to raise awareness about sweatshops and eliminate the purchase of products which have been created in such conditions.

The problem:

  • Sweatshops are the daily reality for thousands in the US and internationally. Current sweatshop abuses include forced overtime, rotten meals, and verbal and sexual abuse. The ugly habits of our modern industrial capitalist system have taken root across the world- sweatshops are not limited to apparel. Their reach is deep into manufacturing, agriculture, and other industries.
  • Climate chaos (aka climate change or global warming) is an issue as complex as sweatshops, and as far-reaching. Our overuse of Earth’s resources, as we move away from local, self-sustaining communities, is a challenge of utmost urgency. Wars for oil, oil spills, and other upsetting current events further push us every day to seek alternatives to the status quo.
  • Solidarity eXchange’s SOLUTION:

    For Ethix Merch and Solidarity eXchange, labor rights and worker dignity are vital to our endorsement of a product. We know structures like labor unions and worker ownership support workers. Our customers are also encouraged to purchase organic, recycled, and environmentally safe products whenever possible. Learn more about the products Ethix Merch sells here.

    To effectuate true change Solidarity eXchange needs to build capacity.  Building capacity requires the support of as many individual social networks as possible. We need everyone interested in the labor, fair trade, buy local, and environmental movements to help spread the word about our ethical merchandise.


    Visit their website here  and forward an email to your friends about their efforts. It’s completely FREE and they will even reward you! They’ll send you a FREE FRISBEE just for forwarding a pre-typed email!

    Visit Solidarity eXchange and help them make a difference!


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