An Organized Life

Reducing, reusing, and recycling is all a part of living a “green” lifestyle, but another key component is ORGANIZATION! It’s all too easy to get better under the clutter of every day life. How many women can honestly say they know exactly what’s in their closet? How many moms know what’s in their kids’ drawers? Taking the time to plan, organize, and file will make your life so much! If you’re organized, you can make the most out of the hours in your day.

Today was about organizing for me. Brayden is growing so fast that I can’t keep him in clothes and since he was born, I’ve been saving everything ” just in case.” With limited storage space and totes, it was driving me crazy.

Storage totes can be a great solution to clutter, but only if you know what’s in them. I began by sorting through the numerous totes full of maternity clothes, baby clothes, and accessories. I purged what I intended to consign and donate, and then I made categories of items sorted by size. For totes that are clear, it’s easy to slip an inventory sheet on the inside to keep it protected. For the colored totes, I printed my inventory list and slid it into a sheet protector for protection. Now if I have a need for the items down the road, I know exactly where to look for something! I moved on to organizing flat totes that slide under Brayden’s crib for clothes in larger sizes. Now I know what he has, what seasons, and where to look for it. Much more convenient than what I had going on!

Another great tool that I’ve found extremely helpful it the Executive Homemaker website! I am so grateful that Laurie has shared the printable Executive Homemaker Binder with the world! It’s one of the cheapest and best ways I’ve found to organize all those important things in one place. The suggested categories include the following, but are easy to adjust to fit your needs:

Friends & Neighbors
Church/School & Sports
Monthly Plan
Family Info

 The idea is to tailor the binder to your specific needs, but she does give you fun tabs that you can print with these labels. I personally prefer a planner that I can put in my purse, diaper bag or backpack for on the go without having to take this entire binder with me so in the daily tab, you won’t find a detailed schedule of my day and/or week. She does give some fun print outs for these though. I did combine her Property Binder  with the Executive Homemaker Binder to keep all the information we collect on our house in one place with other important reference materials.  

Keep track of all those birthdays, copies of yoga classes, PTA documents, travel itineraries, etc. For added organization, I chose dividers with folder pockets so I can slip documents inside of those as well. Papers that need to be filled out for school are in the school tab and likewise for paperwork that needs to be dropped off around town.

Every mom should checkout this system if you’re in need of some organization! It may not work for everyone, but I’ve been thoroughly impressed thus far! I love that it’s completely printable so I’m not running to the store to buy more refills. I just print as needed and recycle as I’m finished with documents.

I’ve raved about this system before, but I truly love it! The Couponizer is the best system I have found to organize my coupons and maximize savings! If you haven’t viewed this system yet, it’s definitely worth checking out. I spend a lot less time hunting for coupons and the savings rack up! I can count on saving a minimum of $40 each time I shop by clipping coupons and keeping track of amounts that I save with this system. Plus, I have no more embarrassing moments at the checkout counter while I’m digging for coupons.

“Organize your life so you can get to the fun things about being a mother, wife, and woman.” – Executive Homemaker


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I'm a Social Media Manager for a large home decor company who enjoys staying current in trends in both the fashion and home industries. I have a passion for writing, art journaling, expressive painting, and photography. My greatest loves are my two children.

3 Responses to An Organized Life

  1. I love this post.. I am constantly trying to make my life LESS disorganized and this post helps alot!! Thanks!!

    • Thank you for the compliment! I hate that overwhelming feeling you get when you’re disorganized. It was a pretty productive day for me. My husband calls it “OCD” but, hey, at least I can find the things that I may need!

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