Food to Live By

Do you like to cook? I love to cook. Problem is, I find myself cooking the same things over and over. I don’t own a single cookbook that incorporates organic vegetables in a way that’s simple, affordable, and good…….. until now! Myra is a woman after my own stomach!

She starts with giving you a great peak into organic farming, then gets into the yummy goodness. My grandmother makes jams and jellies and I’ve never understood how it’s done. Now I know! Myra tells readers how to make Raspberry and Apricot jams. You could substitute to make Strawberry or Grape as well. She covers every category from soups to meat to entrees, etc. Would you like to learn how to make your own dressings and croutons? Food to Live By covers all the basics and then some!

This personal favorite is the amazing Ziti with Ratatouille. Kathy’s Rosemary-Roasted Chicken is great. We eat a lot of chicken in our house and it gets tiring with the same dressings… here’s a snippet:

1 small chicken (5 Lbs.)

Olive Oil

3 garlic cloves, minced

2 Lemons, cut in half

1/2 cup coarsely chopped fresh rosemary leaves, plus 8 sprigs

1/4 tsp cayenne pepper

Coarse (Kosher) Salt

Organic food is the best food possible: what we need to feed our kids, what we deserve to feed ourselves. In Food to Live By, Myra Goodman offers tempting recipes that combine casual style with the best ingredients in appealing recipes such as Sweet Corn Chowder, Merlot-Braised Short Ribs with Cipollini Onions, Ginger Lime Salmon, Cherry Panna Cotta, and Farm Stand Carrot Cake, to name a few.

At $20.00 for an autographed copy, this is a steal! Food to Live By is a hearty-sized book with recipes for every ocassion. I love it! Check it out on the Earthbound Farm website, and while you’re at it, check out more of Earthbound Farm’s great organic products!
This gorgeous cookbook is packed with full-color photos and more than 250 delicious recipes, plus shopping tips, prep notes, serving ideas, and useful visuals like “field guides” to produce and “Farm Fresh” information boxes. Woven through it all are Myra’s own fascinating family stories, from the birth of Earthbound Farm and the opening of the Farm Stand and Organic Kitchen, to her thoughts about personal food choices and the way even small changes can make a big difference.

I received this product free of charge and all opinions expressed are my own.


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  1. Ann says:

    You won a contest (Shutterfly one) over at my blog 🙂
    Email me so I can get you the code!

  2. flights rhodes says:

    ahhhhhh very good, bookmarked 🙂 keep it up, JusyKassy.

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