Mixed Baby Greens

Mixed Baby Greens’ products are all US made and of high quality organic fibers. I was fortunate to receive a few items from this small, but well-loved line of organic baby attire and accessories. Mixed Baby Greens offers: hooded towel sets, baby tees, and hats.

I opened my Mixed Baby Greens package to find this adorable Pirate Binkie baby tee… a new favorite of Daddy’s. Not only was it cute, but fitting considering that I’ve been a “pirate” for the last eight years (school mascot for those of you wondering). It was soft and comfortable in a beautiful shade of blue. I must warn you from experience: wash the tee BY ITSELF to avoid dying your other clothes. In my eagerness to put it on him, I threw it in with a load of colors and ended up with blue-toned everything. Oops.

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Mixed Baby Greens   is their bamboo towels. This is my first experience with a bamboo terry cloth towel and I am in love! I wish I could dump all of our old towels and completely switch to bambo! It’s soooooo soft! You honestly won’t believe it until you try it. I didn’t. This really is a MUST try for yourself! You won’t want to go back to regular terrycloth towels. They are true luxury with a bit of a luxurious price at $36.00 for the hooded towel and washcloth. However, I believe that it’s truly an awesome investment. I was so excited to use this with Brayden’s bath and he was quite content to chew on it!

Mixed baby greens: a mixed bag of baby gaga infused with ultra-hip, eco-aware choices, tossed with a generous serving of humor. Our fashion-forward organic baby clothes and accessories will make your kid the coolest cucumber on the block. A look good, feel good kinda thing.

With each new crop we harvest,
mixed baby greens promises to help you baby your baby.

I hope I’ve peaked your curiousity on these adorable products. If so, be sure to visit them on the web.

View their line sheet below for more designs and pricing – both wholesale and MSRP.

Mixed Baby Greens Summer 2010



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