CD’s with Designs by Cace

I read about Designs by Cace  on another mama’s blog. While browsing through her shop, I fell in love with this Dale Jr. fitted. Sara was so great to send it to me to review. It fits him well through the legs and the velcro gave a good, strong hold. I like velcro because it’s easy. It’s also more hubby-friendly! My only complaint about this diaper is that I have to put a cover over it. I would prefer to be able to show it off, and it’s so cute that if it’s a stay-at-home kind of day, I don’t bother with a cover. I just have to change him sooner than I would with a cover.  I have loved Nascar since I was little girl and Jr. is my favorite driver. Now I get to give a little bit of fandom to B! Designs by Cace does make diapers with PUL for those who don’t like the extra step of a cover.
Designs by Cace was created after making cloth diapers for my son Cace. I fell in love with cloth before my son was even born. Besides the great enviornmental impact it makes, I knew it would save me a ton of money.
Their diapers come in cotten knit prints, flannel, fleece, and some PUL prints. The PUL diapers do not need a cover, but they are still trim diapers and not recommended for overnight use with out a booster or doubler. A cover is required to make the other diapers waterproof.
I am currently a WAHM of one little boy. My son has a rare disorder that leads to many dr visits, and sick days in bed. I do my best to ship same to next day, but if my son is having an episode, I might not be able to make it to the post office right away. I will ALWAYS email you in this case, as I have my phone with me while I am lying with him. He is prone to seizures and can’t be left alone to play on the computer. I always try to come out with new prints to keep things fresh, but do not have a monthly stocking date for the same reason. I can’t be sure I’ll always be able to make something.
Please feel free to request customs though! I can usually always get them done at night if I know someone is waiting on them. Depending on the availablity of fabrics I can usually get a 7 diaper order done in a week. If I need to order a fabric for you (special team, certain color pul), then its about a week from when ever the fabric arrives. I’ll give you a time frame on delivery date of fabrics before you pay and I place an order for the fabric.
Sara doesn’t just sell diapers. She also makes covers, pouch slings, and nursing covers.
Want your own Designs by Cace diaper? Sara is going to be running a special for Journey to “Green” readers. Comment here and let her know what diaper or product you’d love to have!
I received this product free of charge and all opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Kristin says:

    I like the Red Flower print!

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