FREE Children’s Books!

I read bedtime stories to B often and as a child I loved to read. I still do! I’m excited to share this opportunity from Story Time for Me. Today’s giveaway is open to EVERYONE and EVERYONE can get TWO FREE interactive children’s stories! The question is: which two will you choose?

I chose:

Click Here to get yours! Just register and confirm registration.

Use code 4j9Cn3m8 to get the two free books.

STORY TIME FOR ME is a unique literary website designed specifically for toddlers and children in early elementary school, allowing them to read and listen to enjoyable, online interactive picture books.  We also offer a one-of-a-kind animated personalized book.

Our unique technology balances entertainment with proven learning techniques to provide your child with hours of fun reading enjoyment.  Your child will be fascinated by the fantastic illustrations, and captivated by the animation, music, and sound effects that enhance the professionally read narration.  Best of all, your child will be engaged and amused as he or she learns.

The STORY TIME FOR ME e-library offers compelling storytelling with inspiring and memorable characters that will stimulate any child’s imagination.  The original episodic content will foster a love of reading and improve your child’s cognitive development and reading skills.  The interactive language prompts will provide your child with his or her own personal reading coach.  Questions and activities related to the books will provide children with ways to further explore the themes presented in the stories.

For those of you that want to earn an additional 10 stories (on top of the 2 stories) all you have to do is refer 5 of your friends or relatives that have kids ages 1-8 that would also enjoy 2 free books.  This is all they need to do:

1)      ‘like’ their FB fan page here

2)      make a FB post on your wall encouraging their friends to check out Story Time For Me and to take advantage of the 2 free stories. 

3)      Refer 5 friends to sign up for the 2 free stories, but the friends actually have to sign up. There is no cost for them!

4)      Send a private message to Story Time’s facebook here telling the full name and email of the friends that signed up.  You’ll also need to give your own full name with email  .

AND lastly…

Enjoy reading your choice of stories with your child/children!


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