CSN Cookware

Time to Toss!

I’ve been working on the kitchen cabinets furiously this week. Labelling, sorting into sections, tossing what broken, and passing along what others can use. My pots and pans have seen better days. Fortunately, I already had two stainless steel pots, but my frying pans and other pots were beginning to look like the above. This one being the lesser of them all. When teflon or non stick pots and pans start to scratch, they become dangerous for you and your family. If your cookware is scratched, it’s best to toss it or repurpose it for something other than cooking dinner!

CSN Stores are incredible. You can find such a variety of products in their over 200+ stores! I chose a stainless steel frying pan and stainless steel cookie sheet to review and use. Both have met my expectations! The cookie sheet is even large enough that you can cook a small pizza on it. Double duty is an eco-friendly and space-saving option! I also got another three pack of Gerber glass bottles for B since a couple of his have been broken in the last couple of week. For three great products, the cost was less than $40.00! Can you believe it?!? Another reason to love CSN is their competitive pricing. Lookout Overstock and Amazon!

My New Cookware

I had a small problem with placing my order and another thing that I can say with confidence is that CSN has INCREDIBLE customer service! They responded to my issue within a couple of hours with a resolution that more than satisfied my needs! I couldn’t have been more pleased!

Check out any of their stores for a wide range of products. Continue reading for some more information on the dangers in teflon cookware.

From ehow.com:

When Teflon coating is scratched, small particles of Teflon can break up and seep into your food, or dissolve into gas at high temperatures. DuPont states on its website that, while you shouldn’t use scratched non stick cookware, it isn’t dangerous. But a New York Times article quotes an organization called the Environmental Working Group (EWG), which says research proves Teflon cookware can give humans symptoms similar to the flu because it emits toxic fumes at high temperatures. “Unfortunately, there is more that we don’t know than we do,” group spokesperson Lauren Sucher told the newspaper.

Read more: What Are the Dangers of Scratched Teflon Cookware? | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/list_7218836_dangers-scratched-teflon-cookware_.html#ixzz11p7RMRvw

I received these products free of charge and all opinions expressed are my own.

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