An Empty Basket

Well, I finally got around to emptying my sewing basket! I fixed two pairs of jeans and created a new pair of lounge pants from an existing pair of pants that were too short. I did some other minor repairs as well. I even managed to complete all my unfinished craft projects with the exception of that painting. I still don’t know which direction to take it.

I used screenprinting ink and stamps to spruce up Oscar’s throw pillow. He likes to pounce on it and wrestle it. The corners are ripped and frayed from tugging, lol. I’m hoping to actually use the screenprinting kit soon. I’ve got to go get some transfers made first.

I finally finished my Lil’ Blue Boo inspired necklaces and keyring. I absolutely adore everything that Ashley does. Her clothes are bright, colorful, and upcycled and she offers great tutorials! I love to try her tutorials and have made some really fun things with them! Click on the link to view her tutorial and take a look at all of her fun projects while you’re there. [A side note- I actually used Modge Podge for my printed transfers (and a photo printer at home) and still got a similar effect. It was really quick to do! I loved her Longitude/Latitude belt and necklace so I duplicated the necklace with our coordinates. ]

Wooden Pendants inspired by LBB

I love this handmade stamp. It’s a font that I downloaded. I also used a Pixel Pet download from LBB for the keyring.

I have to thank Post-It again for their amazing labels. I spent an hour tonight cleaning out my sewing room, reboxing like supplies and putting labels on everything. It’s crazy how many things get lost in mess when you don’t have much organization going on! I find these cute critters (pictured below) and used existing magnet strips to turn them into fun magnets for B. There are now 6 total critters at his level to play with. The EcoZip bags also came in handy in sorting many appliques and buttons. Baby food jars sorted snaps and formula cans are grouping stamps by categories.

I have weeded out pounds of scraps for Freecyclers and the amount of recyclables were completely out of control. I can’t seem to part with things I think I can repurpose and at some point there has to be a limit. Today I reached my limit! I put several of those things to use and made a list of what I planned to do with what I kept. The rest had to actually be recycled.


B was productive today too…

Riding his Playskool Car 🙂

Goodnight Everyone!


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I'm a Social Media Manager for a large home decor company who enjoys staying current in trends in both the fashion and home industries. I have a passion for writing, art journaling, expressive painting, and photography. My greatest loves are my two children.

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