A DIY Studio for Photographers

This is for all the photographers out there or the moms who just want great pictures without having to tote your tot to the studio every day!
My husband was a professional photographer for a while at a well-known portrait studio and I love to have studio pictures taken. Candid shots or scenes on location are always the BEST, but sometimes I just really want the look of a professional studio shot. What I don’t like are the prices or the amateur photographers that some of your larger chains will employ. (Please don’t take offense if you are a photographer. I am merely speaking from recent experience.)
My wheels started turning on how I could put Jon’s skills to work! You need four things to make this happen: Wall Space, A curtain rod, some safety pins, and fabric!

Muslin - Pinned to hang

1. I started by getting 3 yards of muslin fabric ($1.99 per yard) because I wanted a neutral color.

Muslin is also really easy to dye and it’s generally cheaper than printed fabric. Other ideas would be sheets. Keep in mind, that you want the fabric to trail out on the floor so that subjects can sit on it so unless you plan to hang your rod really low, you will likely need a king size sheet. Thrift stores are great places to find sheets for inexpensive prices or you can shop your linen closet! Those Christmas printed flannel sheets would make a cute backdrop for Christmas cards! The safety pins make less of a mark than sewing – making them the go-to option for sheets.

2. Find some empty wall space with a good size clear area surrounding it to attach your curtain rod.

$1.00 curtain rod

In my case, I chose our home gym. No one goes in there but us so I don’t mind that it looks funny to have a curtain rod hanging in the middle of a wall. I just take the fabric down when not in use. You could also take the rod down and leave the brackets if you use a cheap rod like I did. ($1.00 at Walmart – though it was given to me so I didn’t pay for it.) If you don’t want to look at the brackets, hang pictures or wall art over them when not in use.

3. Attach your fabric! Below is a large shot of my mini studio.

My Mini Studio!

There are many things you could do to change this up a big. Add a larger curtain rod for wider fabrics. If you want to shoot family portraits, you’ll probably want to do that. In my case, it’ll be used for B and for products mostly so it wasn’t crucial to have a large rod. Also, space was an issue.

Use your imagination with fabrics and don’t forget to bring in props! Favorite toys make great props or golf clubs for the golfer in your life. You could even do your own Graduation photos like this! You don’t have to be a professional to create great pictures! For less than $6.00, I created my own mini studio.

A little photo editing and you have your own portraits…

*Please ask permission if you wish to use these photos and/or ideas on your own site. This idea and photos are property of  Journey to “Green.” Thanks!

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