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For all the right reasons, the stainless steel bottle business is thriving because as the public has been well informed about the harmful effects of the dreaded plastic water bottle and people are now willing to do their part however, NOT ALL STAINLESS STEEL BOTTLES ARE CREATED EQUAL. This is why at EcoUsable, we truly care about the high quality and sustainability of our EcoUsable made bottles and we’re confident that we’ve developed the best and most consumer friendly bottles on the market which ultimately saves us Money, Health and our Environment!!  

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Ecousable’s simple yet very important goal is to help eliminate plastic water bottles and provide the safest and most convenient alternatives!!! I was set to review Ecousable bottles today, and to my great surprise, I found that these awesome reusable water bottles are 1/2 off today if you are an Eversave user! This is a can’t-miss sale so be sure to check it out after reading about a green alternative to plastic water bottles.

Ecousable stainless bottles leave no metallic taste and come in so many different styles that they have something to fit every day and every activity. I’ve had several of the plastic sport water bottles from different functions where they give them away as promotions, and one aluminum bottle, but all left a funny taste in my mouth. I was pleasantly surprised to find  that the stainless bottles are tasteless and keep drinks cold.

One of my favorite features is the sports cap. You screw it in to the water bottle and you’ve got an instant sports bottle that great for adults and children. It makes it convenient and less easy to spill. My favorite feature is the strap that came with the Big Dipper water bottle. I just threw it over my shoulder with my purse and diaper bag and was able to keep my hands free. The larger bottles are great for work, workouts, and day trips. The small 10 oz. bottles are the perfect size for kids’ lunches and have several different adorable patterns!

I love Ellie the Elephant!

EcoUsable® presents the world’s First Environmentally Safe Stainless Filtered Water Bottle. Enjoy filtered tap water on the go instantly filtered as you drink through the ech2o Ionic-Adsorption Micro-Filtration System! This exclusive top removes up to 99.99% of pollutants for up to 100 gallons of great tasting filtered water.


If you’re a fan of bottled water or the taste, then the filtered option is for you!

Ecousable Bottles

Ecousable, Inc. invents, produces and markets reusable eco-friendly products that are fashionable and affordable for everyone. Our company’s product line is founded on its desire to save our natural resources in an ecologically, environmentally and economical way. The two flagship products, Water Wrapz™ (a removable and reusable band to identify your water bottle) and EcoUsable bottles (Stainless Steel bottle that are 100% recyclable) reduce the amount of plastic water bottles one uses, while saving money everyday. The Company will also offer other planet-friendly products manufactured by sustainable companies looking to make a difference in the world. Our mission is to be the premiere online source for eco-shopping, offering reusable eco-friendly products, to reduce the carbon footprint for the future generations.

Brand Recognition:

 EcoUsable offers the largest variety of sizes and designs of both filtered and non-filtered bottles in the business as EcoUsable made products are currently sold in more than 1,500 retailers nationwide including the likes of Whole Foods Markets, Hallmark Stores, Vitamin Shoppes, Gelsons and Quiksilver to name a few.

 In addition to our strong retail presence, our growing custom bottle division has quickly become the Top Promotional item on the market replacing the typical hat or t-shirts from the past. The bottles provide both immeasurable PR Value and an immediate eco-friendly identity which is why we’re receiving so many custom orders from the likes of schools, corporations, award shows and just about and company or organizations you can think of. We’ve recently obtained the logo licensing rights to The University of Wisconsin, Texas Tech, Stanford and UCLA which allows us to put their logos on our bottles…

 We also support numerous charity and non-profit organizations like the NRDC,  KidShape and Algalita Marine Research Foundation so EcoUsable is up to good things!

Ecousable is extending a coupon code to Journey to “Green” readers: ECO10

SAVE 10% your next purchase!

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I’ll be hosting a giveaway of the 16 oz. Ecousable bottle pictured above. Be on the lookout! Take our poll to see how many readers are currently using reusable water bottles.

I received these products free of charge and all opinions expressed are my own.


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