Fused Plastic with Tracie Lampe

I’m so excited to report that I received a copy of Tracie’s book, Upcycled Accessories: 25 Projects Using Repurposed Plastic! When you purchase this book, here is what you’re getting:

 Get your copy Autographed sent to you in a Repurposed Plastic envelope that you can cut open and reuse for patterns, important papers, out going mail, etc… PLUS get a free Repurposed Plastic gift made by me just for YOU! This way you can have a piece to refer to while whipping up your own Repurposed Plastic pieces!

When the book arrived, I tore the package open in delight. I’m going to be honest… I was thinking, “How could she possibly make 25 things out of fused plastic!?” Well, not only did she do it, but she created many useful and fun items out of fused plastic!

You can see the tote, apron, and robot pictured, but what you don’t see are how to make a wallet, a place mat, a coupon organizer, little storage totes, and many more useful items! I’m not giving away all her secrets – you’ll have to purchase the book to see for yourself. 🙂

If you want your own Radical Recyk ORIGINAL, here are some of Tracie’s really fun pieces!

LOVE this! Notice the "D" ring you can hang your keys from!

Plastic Bottle Ring

If you haven’t taken the time to look at Tracie’s tutorials, I’ve included here again for your viewing pleasure:

Create your own keychain using a water bottle flower:

And here she’ll walk you step-by-step through fusing plastic to create your own ooak accessories!

Are you ready to think your recyclables yet?

For you Twilight fans, check out this GIFT CARD necklace! This is something special and unique that your sure to get compliments on! At $7.00, you can’t go wrong!

Recycled Giftcards!

 I received this product free of charge and all opinions expressed are my own.


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I'm a Social Media Manager for a large home decor company who enjoys staying current in trends in both the fashion and home industries. I have a passion for writing, art journaling, expressive painting, and photography. My greatest loves are my two children.

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