Upcycle Baby

I’m crazy about upcycled clothing! It’s cute, it’s one-of-a-kind and it’s eco-friendly! Upcycling means there’s less fabric being tossed into landfills and less toxins being used to produce manufactured nonorganic fabrics. When I saw Upcycle Baby clothing, I was dying to review and promote this company!

The Front:

The back:

Kelsey made this special Kimono Hoodie for B that I love! It’s cute, comfortable, and the peace sign on the back is such a groovy detail. Her sizes run a bit larger than typical. This, for instance, was a 12-18 months, but probably fits more like a 2T. It’s perfect for me because it’ll keep him warm through the winter and hopefully beyond! It washed well and is very high quality!

{Such a cute fan photo – please ignore the drool}

Kimono Hoodies are only one of several items that she makes. You can also find yoga pants, bermuda shorts, an adorable top, and a skirt! Something for boys and girls! Be sure to visit her website and see all of her upcycled creations! A HUGE thank you to Kelsey for making B something so special!

How to purchase: you can purchase both through Kelsey’s website or at several establishments in Vermont! Don’t hestitate to contact her about a custom order.

About Kelsey:

I am an art teacher, a crafter, and a mom of two little girls…so little in fact that I had to take up sewing in order for them to have clothes that fit. Fed up with having to constantly “take in” every pair of pants that my daughter owned, I turned to the web figuring there must be something online that would show me how to make a simple pair of pants to fit my daughter.  Apparently all I needed was a sewing machine and an old t-shirt. It just so happens that my husband’s closet is overflowing with t-shirts so I picked one with a fun color and a cool logo and that began my new passion- upcycling.  I love knowing that each piece of clothing I create means one less t-shirt will end up in a landfill and that no additional textiles had to be manufactured which saves our precious resources. Every small act of green living makes a difference.  I feel lucky to live in Vermont, a state filled with supportive communities that share the ideals of recycling, being green, living simply, and buying local.

I received this product free of charge and all opinions expressed are my own.


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