Eco-Me Cleaning

Eco-Me is a natural products company specializing in healthy home, body and pet products.

We use only natural ingredients, the kind you can find right in your kitchen pantry like vinegar, baking soda and olive oil.

Our pure plant essential oil blends give our products that extra special boost for cleaning, safe skin care and flea fighting pet care. 

We’ve got DIY Kits for making your own and pre-mixed products to make it easy for those on the go!

Their story…

Eco-Me specializes in 100% natural products that are good for you and the environment.
We created a line of cleaning kits to help people make their own natural, non-toxic,
chemical-free products for home, body, baby and pets.

In March of 2005 Robin Levine’s [founder/owner of Eco-Me] 36-year-old sister was diagnosed with breast cancer.
How does a healthy, athletic, spiritual and nutritionally organic young woman face the challenges of breast cancer? 

With no family history of this disease nor a lifestyle to promote it, could her sister’s breast cancer be linked
to the pollutants in our environment or toxic chemicals in our homes? 
Is it possible that by simply cleaning your home you are creating a toxic environment?
Could the chemicals in products that line our shelves lead to life threatening health risks?

Why are we taking such risks in our homes and with our well-being?
Questions lead us to an answer: Eco-Me!
The need to remove unnecessary chemicals from our homes led our search for completely natural and chemical-free products.

Eco-Me Cleaning Products

First of all, I have to begin by saying how pleasantly affordable Eco-Me products are. For $6.00 you can get a 32 oz. spray bottle of “Bill” the All Purpose Cleaner. Of all the specialty products that they carry, this one is my favorite. I was fortunate to receive sample sizes of all the Eco-Me cleaning products that could be mixed with water for easy cleaning.

Enjoy cleaning with:

No Dyes
-No Parabens
-No Preservatives
-No Synthetic Fragrances
-No Surfactants


I received Bill, Emily, Emma, Suzy, Matt, Phil, Dave, & Kate! Below are some of my pictures of cleaning:

Suzy Dishsoap

The Suzy dishsoap was not very sudsy. The smell was great, but the water was murky and the dishes a little cloudy once dried.

The "Phil" toilet bowl cleaner

This toilet bowl cleaner works WONDERFULLY! It smells great – a little like lavender – and it suds and shined well. It worked like I would’ve expected the dish soap to work, honestly.

"Matt" Carpet Deodorizer

The deodorizer is made with baking soda and looked like baking soda when sprinkled on the carpet. It had a hint of smell, but didn’t leave any smell before or after vacuuming it up. It didn’t seem to have much effect at all on my carpets. Personally, I will stick with baking soda.

The Emma laundry soap smelled great and got my clothes clean and the Bill all-purpose cleaner got countertops cleaned quickly.

I did enjoy their all-purpose cleaners and love the choice of scents with essential oils. There were no harsh smells or after fumes. The products are also really reasonably priced!

To purchase your own Eco-Me products, visit their website or find them at select Target stores, Amazon, Eco Mom, Petco and more.

I received these products free of charge and all opinions expressed are my own.


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