Grab Green

Grab Green is taking on the natural cleaning world and NOT looking back! In my opinion, they have nothing to worry about! I received several products to try so take a look throughout to see what I thought.

I used the All Purpose Cleaner on some RIT dye residue and it actually lightened up the stain.

The All-Purpose Cleaner

I also had the pleasure of trying the Dish Soap:


I loved that it suds so well with such a little amount. It left the no residue and wasn’t harsh on my hands at all.

After much deliberation between the dish soap and the degreaser, I finally decided that the degreaser is my favorite product! I actually prefer this to the all-purpose cleaner as well! It cut through stuck on powders and flours, hot chocolate, stuck on food, soap scum, and much more! I have my cleaning scheduled per day and today I went crazy cleaning everything! I was so excited about how much less I had to scrub with this stuff!

B's Laundry

I find that despite my best efforts, I still end up washing B’s clothing every 2-3 days with spills and allergies. I also received a couple of the 3-in-1 laundry detergent tablets to wash with so we tested these out today. They worked well and cleaned the tough carrot stains nicely! I prefer detergent in packet form because they’re easy to just throw in the wash with no measuring involved.

I want to remind everyone that while I tested the fragrance free products, Grab Green does have tangerine and lemongrass as well as thyme with figleaf scents. I would love to try the lavender vanilla and tangerine myself!

Something I also loved about these products were the spray bottles. They give a wide, powerful spray so you don’t have to squirt as many times as you would with a small stream bottle. (I hate that!) The prices of these products are really reasonable! A box of tabs are actually cheaper than some of the brands that are not eco-friendly. $5.00 for degreaser is a steal! I’m really excited to find that it’s comparable – and even more affordable – than other eco-friendly brands because let’s face it: we can all stand to save money!

So why should YOU choose Grab Green? Here’s a little about Grab Green products:

What exactly does “naturally-derived ingredients” mean?

It means we use organic and mineral based ingredients – all are derived from nature-based sources.

What do you mean exactly when you say your products are eco-friendly?

Our products are made of naturally derived ingredients, are non-toxic and free of phosphates, fillers, fragrance, chlorine, dyes and NPE. And our products are absolutely not tested on animals or contain animal additives. Our eco-profile extends beyond our solutions to our packaging. We make sure our products are as eco-friendly as possible by using post consumer resins, recyclable and biodegradable materials. We focus on creative ways to avoid wasteful packaging without compromising design or quality.

Grab Green Product Catalog

How Patricia got her wings and flew this great company off the ground:

PatriciaSpencer grabgreen founderBefore I became a mother, I didn’t give much thought to the kinds of cleaning products I used in my home. My laundry detergent left my clothes clean and fresh-smelling, and that was all I really cared about. But after my two daughters came along, I learned about the toxic and irritating chemicals in most commercially available laundry products and I decided that if I couldn’t buy the safe products I wanted to use on my children’s clothing, I would have to make them myself.

After a lot of research and experimentation, a few major logistical hurdles and delaying the project for a few years, I decided to dive in headfirst and contacted all the organic chemists I could find who might be able to help me. Before long, I was actually doing it – creating a full line of laundry and home cleaning products that were effective and safe for families. It’s been a great journey so far, from making homemade detergent in my kitchen to a full line of environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Our future is looking great and we plan to continue creating new products that make cleaning safe and convenient. My goal for GrabGreen® is to help you have not just a happy home, but a healthy and safe one as well.

Please check out Grab Green for a look at all their wonderful products AND to see their page on GREEN CLEANING TIPS!
I received these products free of charge and all opinions expressed are my own.

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