Picture Framing

In the age of digital picture frames, I can’t give up my “old-fashioned” printed photos. It’s a toss up, in my opinion, as to which option is really more eco-friendly. I have two digital picture frames in my house, but to truly enjoy the pictures I have to keep on 24/7 which uses electricity. Not to mention there is the time and resource spent changing the pictures frequently. On the other hand, the prints are a use of paper, machines, etc. In the end, I still like having the printed pictures. I’d love to know of a company that uses recycled paper to print them! If you know of one, let me know!

That brings me to today’s topic and tutorial. I have a plethora of frames around the house and as we take new photos, I just switch the pictures out and back into photo albums. As a rule of thumb however, I don’t print any photo that I don’t love.

B had Halloween pictures taken early in October and I didn’t have a free 8×10 frame to fit it in. I did have an 11×14, but the existing mat was too large. So to make my picture fit, I used recycled newspaper as a mat.

I started by tracing the existing mat, measuring to fit around an 8×10 picture and cutting it out.

I put the old mat behind the newspaper and photograph to hold it in.

The end result is pretty cute.

You could easily use stickers, markers, embellishments, paint or anything else to change the color! You could even give the mat to your kids to draw art work on and frame a piece of their artwork or your budding artist themselves. The possibilities are endless. Use it as a signature mat! Display baseball scores from your son’s game. Have fun with it! It’s free and recycled. Gotta love it!


About palaciosamantha
I'm a Social Media Manager for a large home decor company who enjoys staying current in trends in both the fashion and home industries. I have a passion for writing, art journaling, expressive painting, and photography. My greatest loves are my two children.

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