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t by Sarah is your place to shop for herbal teas, tea accessories, and wellness goods! The prices are great and all products are coming recommended from a certified Herbalist!

I received some of my favorite products from Sarah and wanted to share these with you all! I’m so excited! It’s early Christmas at my house! Be sure to check the holiday guides that are coming up to see some of my favorite products and the cute gift baskets she’s put together for your holiday shopping convenience!

If you do yoga or pilates or even use a workout mat at all, this product is a MUST! Do you go to the gym and use one of their mats? Have you ever thought about the last sweaty person who crunching away exact spot you’re laying yourself against? One word: ewe.

Be Clean Yoga Mat Spray in 4oz. or 8 oz. bottles

Sarah’s Be Clean Yoga Mat Spray is the answer! It’s small enough to carry with you and easy enough to use at the gym. If you have a home gym like we do,  it’s safe enough to use at home and I don’t worry about it damaging our equipment. Yoga and pilates are something I do regularly so this spray was such a welcome treat! I prefer using it to my regular cleaning supplies. It doesn’t take as long to dry and it smells so relaxing!

Be Clean Yoga Mat Spray is an all-purpose spray that can be used on a wide range of surfaces including yoga blocks, yoga mats, counter tops, and sinks. It can also be used in the laundry, clothes and bedding between washes, on shoes, as an air disenfectant and can be used to wash fresh produced.  Ingredients are 100% non toxic and natural. Ingredients: Spring water, grapefruit seed extract, sweet orange and lavender and melaleuca essential oils. 

I am most excited about my new tea ball! I had one that I used every day and I have not been able to locate it recently. I started using a small strainer instead, but I really prefer the tea ball because it seeps to the bottom of the tea mug. This was my first time trying the Triple Mint tea which I find to be a rejuvenating morning blend. It would also be great if you had a cold and wanted to open your chest. If you like mint, this is the ultimate tasty blend! I also have a new stick of my favorite lip balm, Citrus Mint! If you are a lip balm/chapstick user like I am, you’ve got to try this Citrus Mint. It’s nongreasy, lasts a long time, and has a wonderful flavor.

I also received a couple Lavender Sachets. These are great for throwing in the dryer, hanging in the car for some natural scent, clothes drawers, suitcases, and more – anywhere you want some extra fragrance! Love these!

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I received these products free of charge and all opinions expressed are my own.


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