30 Minute Slippers

I can’t take credit for this tutorial at all, but it’s too cute not to share! Alisa Burke shared this tutorial with everyone here on her blog. Personally I think hers are to-die-for, but I lack the patience to put as much effort as she did into her beautiful slippers!

These easy slippers took 30 minutes and only some felt and minky fabric that I had in my sewing cabinet!

As you can see by the blur of toes and blue pjs, I had a little help making these. 🙂

I traced my existing slipper onto felt.

I started by tracing my existing slipper onto some felt. For some reason, months ago I thought it was a good idea to purchase 2 yards of pink felt. (Probably because it was on sale.) I had no clear objective in mind for this, but somehow I must’ve known there would be a fabulous tutorial in my future. I also had some left over girly minky from a tag toy that I made B after he was born.

Minky layers on top of felt.

I cut the tops to be slightly larger than the bottoms, by tracing wider around the bottoms. I cut out whimsical hearts and used some felt ribbon to the trim them.

The Tops

These are nothing fancy and obviously homemade. As you can see by Alisa’s tutorial, you can really make these beautiful!

The end result of these is pretty cute. They are really warm and very soft. They can also be easily tossed in the washing machine for cleaning! Consider making some of these as gifts! I think they would make a fabulous Christmas present!

For me, these were eco-friendly. I used only materials that I already had. I realize not everyone has a sewing room with lots of fabric, but if you were to purchase to make these, you wouldn’t spend a lot! Felt sheets are on average 29 cents per sheet. You’d need 2 sheets for the bottom and one for the tops. One quarter of a yard would be plenty in your choice of fleece or minky fabric. You could cut up old sweatpants even! Be creative!

Happy sewing! I am off to finish Christmas pillowcases!

Again, this tutorial is NOT my own. Please view Alisa Burke’s original work here for your own inspiration!


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