Want a product reviewed or promoted?

This is how it works…

I enjoy promoting companies that support an eco-friendly, green lifestyle. It provides you advertising through Journey to “Green” readership as well as several other online websites and social media websites. It also lets readers know where they can go to find great products that support the sustainability of our planet and the natural lifestyle they are trying to achieve.

I put a permanent link or button to your website on my Blog for visitors to access. If you don’t send me the logo or picture you wish to be used for this, I do pull the logo from the website. If you will allow me the pleasure of doing a review I will include any information about the company in that review that you request. I include my personal opinion and photos with a disclaimer that they are my personal opinions and not fact. I will do multiple reviews or review multiple products and can update promotions as they change over time.

At the present time, I review only products that I have actually tried, tested, or worn. I ask that for a review a product or sample be provided at no charge. Please understand that I do not return products and/or samples. Also, I do not purchase products simply for the purpose of reviewing and testing them. At this time, I cannot afford to purchase products to review as I am not charging for your review postings, links, and banners. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Once I receive the product or sample, please allow two weeks to write a full review depending on the photo content and nature of the product.
  • Reviews typically contain: An overview of the company and how it was born, product materials and types, a description of how the product is eco-friendly, the different types and/or styles of products offered by the company, pricing, and my personal opinion of the product. If interviews are conducted, direct quotations from that interview may be included as well.
  • Please understand that I write these reviews as objectively as possible. They are my personal opinion and not fact. I do provide a disclaimer to readers letting them know that all opinions expressed are my own. If I write a review that is less than satisfactory, please feel free to let me know, but understand that I write reviews with honesty and not bias simply because I received a product to try.
  • If you are wanting to do a review and giveaway, there will be a minimum of two postings depending on the scheduled date of the giveaway. The original posting contains the review and a follow-up for a giveaway.
  • A giveaway posting will be posted a week in advance of the scheduled date.


 I would be glad to host a giveaway and/or promotion I would be delighted to advertise these as well.  How I handle giveaways…

  • Giveaways are done weekly unless requested otherwise. Please allow time for review and writing of the giveaway posting. Because I do one giveaway per week, it may a couple of months before the giveaway is actually live. I will be happy to provide you with a scheduled date upon request. This allows the giveaway maximum exposure as it is not competing with another and gives me enough time to complete a proper review.
  • Winners are selected using and all Winners are selected on or after Fridays at 11:59 pm unless otherwise indicated. Items are to be shipped by the sponsoring company.
  •  I will email you with the information of the Winner.
  • Winners have 24 hours to respond to their selection before another winner is selected.
  • I will host giveaways without a product review. You will only receive one blog posting for a giveaway without review.

If you’re interested in having me review a product and/or host a giveaway, feel free to contact me at:

Thank you!



I do not take responsibility for products offered for giveaway from a third party -either for damage or lack of delivery. I offer these giveaways as a service to my readers, and can do no further than provide the sponsoring company with your contact and mailing information. I apologize if this is an inconvenience to you and urge you to let me know if you do experience a problem. I can follow up with the company but make no promises. Thank you for your understanding.


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