Keep Your Car Clean!

I’ve introduced a new fabric into my shop, Palace Designs. I’ve been using my own Auto Litter Bag in my car for about a year and it comes in really handy. We’re all guilty of having  some form of trash and/or recycling rolling around our cars at some point. Tissues, wrappers, cups, bottles, gum wrappers, etc. can pile up in a hurry! This keeps it out of the seats, off of the floor, and out of door pockets. I empty the trash/recycling every day into the containers on our carport.

I’ve added this new “Go Green” print and below is an example of a finished product. Terribly sorry for the grainy photos! I will be so glad to have my camera back!

New "Go Green" print

If it gets dirty, you just toss these in the washing machine. You could use them as a wetbag in a pinch, but they are not waterproof. I can add snaps to them as well.

This is just one of my efforts to Go Green this year and to encourage others  as well. You can check out all the prints and patterns at my shop here, and Right now you can get 20% off your orders with code: GOGREEN.

If you’re a fan on Facebook, there’s an even better code listed. 🙂


I loop mine around my drive shaft in the center of the car. Use this with caution. You never want to hang your bag where it can hinder your driving ability.


Calling all Eco-Enthusiasts and Readers!

Journey to "Green"

I don’t always have the time to write the quality posts that I want to write or complete the numerous eco-friendly projects I have lying around the house and home improvement has come to a halt with the holidays here and money at a shortage. I want to keep the mix for you guys so that  it’s not the same reviews and product ideas all the time. I realize I’m not the only one with ideas on how to be eco-friendly and frugal so here’s where you all come in…

If you want a place to share your knowledge, Journey to “Green” is open to YOU!

Share your knowledge, crafts, WAHM products, eco-friendly upgrades, and so on with thousands of readers!

Some ideas of what you can submit:

  • A photo of your cloth diapered cutie
  • A DIY craft that’s eco-friendly (pictures, tutorials, links, etc.)
  • A tutorial on a personal beauty product that’s green (i.e. shampoo, deodorant, etc.)
  • See a great coupon? Let us know! Have a link for a related site? Share that too!
  • A recipe
  • A WAHM advertisement. If you make cloth diapers, upcycled clothing, mama cloth, etc., feel free to email me! I’ll be glad to help you advertise. I can post pictures of your latest products and advertise specials.
  • An eco-friendly art project
  • An eco-friendly home improvement project or upgrade! (i.e. a picture of that shiny new kitchen with Energy Star appliances, etc.)
  • Do you have a trash to treasure before and after!?! Let’s see it! Who doesn’t love a trash to treasure find? I do! I love seeing your projects as well!
  • Did you score an amazing deal while shopping today? Show us the goods and tell us how you did it!
  • Any ideas for living Green and Frugal are welcome! Feel free to send me whatever!

Will [you] receive credit for work published?

Yes! You will receive credit for that which you submit and/or write! I will link to your site, business, blog, or whatever. You will be named as the contributor unless you wish to remain anonymous. The idea is to help you out! I love hearing your suggestions and ideas and chances are that readers will as well! If I can help promote your creativity, products, or site(s), I am glad!

How to submit?

Send me an email at: with your stories, photos, coupons, links, businesses, projects, crafts, etc.

What to submit:

  • A way to contact you if I have questions
  • Applicable pictures
  • Links to reference
  • A full name (unless anonymous)
  • Your story, directions, explanation, how-to, etc.
  • Any other pertinent information

I  look forward to hearing from you ALL!

Always Check Clearance

Target is drastically marking down clearance items and I’ve been able to score some really great bargains and freebies lately. When picking up some groceries, I passed an end cap with these great deals:

  • Kanya organic baby sling
  • Organic receiving blankets 2/$9 or Organic hooded towl 1/$9

I was really surprised! Don’t rule out browsing the clearance aisle if you have an extra minute and look around in unexpected places. This was so easy to pass by!

Yoga: Good for the Soul

Do you practice yoga? I do a mixture of yoga and pilates at home. Here’s a new freebie for you if you’re thinking about trying yoga or are already a fan: is offering 8 FREE 20 minute Yoga sessions that you can download. You can play a preview to see if you would like it, choose to play it once or download it. 

This Week on Bolder

Challenges for the week of Wednesday, November 17th
This week on Bolder we have some challenges to keep your body fit and healthy, like going organic with Organically Grown or discovering a local green race with Atayane. We also have a great opportunity to practice one of the big R’s, Reuse. Take all those clothes that are only keeping your coat hangers warm and donate them to those who sorely need them for the coming winter. Not only will it lend a helping hand to some folks who could use it, but Alpaca Collections has your back and will help you fill a bit of that closet space back up with stylish and comfy alpaca wool! So, let’s kick off the holiday season with a little touch of Bold.
Join the Bolder Community:
New Challenges

Clear out your closet and help those in need stay warm this winter!
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30% off any jacket or sweater

Try to go organic with something new in your life!
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Get 25% off at Organically Grown!

Find a green race (walk/run/swim/ride) and post it! Go here for some ideas.
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Challenge Check-In
Each week we shine the spotlight on a challenge that’s truly inspired some bolder actions.
177 actions completed. Nice work!
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Free Wicked Fresh! toothpaste sample

Target: 2 pairs of PJ’s and Shirt for $3.38

Ok, so this is not eco-friendly, but it is too great of a deal for me not to share. After all, you may have some moms or teen son your list that you haven’t bought for yet!

Target puts out printable coupons that you can pair with manufacturer’s coupons. If you aren’t shopping this way, you should really check it out! This week Target has printable $10.00 off coupons for any three Women’s sleepwear pieces. It DOES NOT exclude CLEARANCE.

For $3.38 I got the following:

What I got and how I did it:

1 Tank top – $3.98

1 Pair of matching sleep shorts – $4.98

1 Flannel Lounge Pant – $6.98

3 Longsleeve sleep shirts – $2.48 each

Total: $23.38

Discount: $20.00 off (Two printed coupons)

Total price oop: $3.38

One pair of PJ’s for myself , one to give as a gift, and one longsleeve shirt to give as a gift as well.

Not too bad!


Holiday 2010 Messenger | Mambo Sprouts – Organic recipes, coupons and healthy lifestyle options.

Holiday 2010 Messenger | Mambo Sprouts – Organic recipes, coupons and healthy lifestyle options..

Check out the Mambo Messenger for lots of Savings! There are some useful recipe tips and holiday ideas as well!

To print organic coupons click HERE.


Saucony Vegan Sneakers *HOT SALE!

These CUTE sneakers from Saucony are vegan-friendly and ON SALE NOW at Rue la la!

  • Vegan-friendly shoe contains no animal products, by-products, or derivatives
  • Grey and brown hemp canvas sneaker with green accents
  • Durable canvas upper for all day comfort
  • Comes with both taupe and brown laces
  • Padded tongue, collar, and footbed provide superior shock absorption, fit, and extra comfort
  • Rubber outsole provides superior traction
  • Weight: 9.0 oz
  • At $35.00, these are a steal!

    Get yours NOW!

    B’s First Christmas

    Each year I try to make a plan and a budget for Christmas gifts. I start early because I’m more likely to stick to my budget when I’m not pressed for time searching. This year I have another person to add the list. Not only is it B’s first Christmas, but his first birthday will follow shortly after in January. I set myself a goal of spending as little out-of-pocket as possible, but instead using giftcards, coupons, rewards programs, sign up incentives, etc. as means of getting his gifts instead of out-of-pocket spending!

    I’m tracking my progress with the Christmas Planner from Tip Junkie. To see how I’m doing and find out what will be under B’s Christmas Tree, watch below:

    • Using Eversave sign up credits, I purchased a $35 gc to Wild Dill for $7. I blogged about it here. I was able to purchase Three gifts (An organic tee, organic puppet, and wooden rattle) for B using an extra discount code on top of the $35. Total cost: $7.93.


    • Remember those Gilt Groupe credits? I hope you took advantage of them! I sure did. I got my husband and  my in-laws to help as well! The pictures are: a book, a floor puzzle, placemats (really more for Mama and not for B), and two character dolls from Where the Wild Things Are. Final cost: $1.95 for all.


    • A hand knitted matching baby hat with mittens in white. I don’t have a picture because they haven’t been received yet. Cost on these: FREE  because I sold some of my old, fake Claire’s jewelry to earn the money. (Tip: have a yard sale to raise Christmas funds, trade other Mamas if you’re a WAHM, consignment stores are a great way to earn some  cash or trade in unused items for new things, thrift stores, etc.)
    • The Little Tikes Little Champs Sports Center is really cute. I consign some of B’s outgrown items and receive a credit at the store. I often have a pretty nice balance built up there so I’ve had my eye on this for a while. It sells for $29.99 on Amazon and the consignment store was asking $12. I had over $30 in credit so my price was: FREE. Keep toys and clothing out of landfills by buying secondhand! Babies don’t know the difference and oftentimes consignment stores set high standards for the items they accept. Freecycle is another great way to get your hands on some gear for gifts!


    • Do you use Swagbucks? If you aren’t, you should be! I score gift cards for frequently. If you browse the internet AT ALL, you should be using the Swagbucks search engine! Search and get rewarded. There’s no purchase or gimmick! I showed you some of my ecoswag and experience: here. Any way, I’m stacking up those gift cards to order Christmas presents for B and other family members as well. I just ordered two touch and feel books for B. They’re his favorite!

    Bright Baby Touch & Feel Merry Christmas   Bright Baby Touch & Feel Words (Bright Baby Touch and Feel)

    Paired with Amazon discounts, these were FREE.

     Total to date: $9.88

    I’ll keep you posted with savings and freebies as I find them! I hope to be bringing you more fabulous organic finds in the near future! What will you be stocking under the tree this year?

    Teas, Treats, and Wellness

    t by Sarah is your place to shop for herbal teas, tea accessories, and wellness goods! The prices are great and all products are coming recommended from a certified Herbalist!

    I received some of my favorite products from Sarah and wanted to share these with you all! I’m so excited! It’s early Christmas at my house! Be sure to check the holiday guides that are coming up to see some of my favorite products and the cute gift baskets she’s put together for your holiday shopping convenience!

    If you do yoga or pilates or even use a workout mat at all, this product is a MUST! Do you go to the gym and use one of their mats? Have you ever thought about the last sweaty person who crunching away exact spot you’re laying yourself against? One word: ewe.

    Be Clean Yoga Mat Spray in 4oz. or 8 oz. bottles

    Sarah’s Be Clean Yoga Mat Spray is the answer! It’s small enough to carry with you and easy enough to use at the gym. If you have a home gym like we do,  it’s safe enough to use at home and I don’t worry about it damaging our equipment. Yoga and pilates are something I do regularly so this spray was such a welcome treat! I prefer using it to my regular cleaning supplies. It doesn’t take as long to dry and it smells so relaxing!

    Be Clean Yoga Mat Spray is an all-purpose spray that can be used on a wide range of surfaces including yoga blocks, yoga mats, counter tops, and sinks. It can also be used in the laundry, clothes and bedding between washes, on shoes, as an air disenfectant and can be used to wash fresh produced.  Ingredients are 100% non toxic and natural. Ingredients: Spring water, grapefruit seed extract, sweet orange and lavender and melaleuca essential oils. 

    I am most excited about my new tea ball! I had one that I used every day and I have not been able to locate it recently. I started using a small strainer instead, but I really prefer the tea ball because it seeps to the bottom of the tea mug. This was my first time trying the Triple Mint tea which I find to be a rejuvenating morning blend. It would also be great if you had a cold and wanted to open your chest. If you like mint, this is the ultimate tasty blend! I also have a new stick of my favorite lip balm, Citrus Mint! If you are a lip balm/chapstick user like I am, you’ve got to try this Citrus Mint. It’s nongreasy, lasts a long time, and has a wonderful flavor.

    I also received a couple Lavender Sachets. These are great for throwing in the dryer, hanging in the car for some natural scent, clothes drawers, suitcases, and more – anywhere you want some extra fragrance! Love these!

    Read my last review of Sarah’s great products and teas here.


    I received these products free of charge and all opinions expressed are my own.